Marketing Services

A diversified and well managed marketing campaign is essential in getting your business known in the market place. Consumers are becoming more and more sophisticated as they have more options to choose from. It is important to utilize all available medium in an effort to attract your customer's attention and develop brand recognition. MSS Solutions can design and manage marketing campaigns that are focused on your customer needs and appropriate for your product or service. In keeping with or mission, MSS Solutions understands the financial restrictions of small business and work to produce campaigns  that are creative, effective and will fit within your budget.

  • Email campaign design: A professional HTML email campaign can compliment your business. If you have a client list with email addresses, you can keep them informed of your special promotions in a time and cost effective way. We can help you design and deliver effective and professional email promotional campaigns that will keep your customers informed about your products and special offers.

  • RSS News Feeds:With the volume of Spam email increasing by the minute, your business should be prepared for the next step on direct communications with customers. MSS Solutions can implement RSS News feeds for your customers who prefer not to have emails sent to them, but still want to keep up with the new offers. RSS (Real Simple Syndication) is a new technology that is being adopted by services such as Yahoo, MSN and Google that allows users to choose what news they want to receive without clogging their inbox. You can be ahead of the game if you adopt this feature in your marketing plan.

  • Direct mass mailing: Though a little passť in today's standards of communications, direct mailing should not be disregarded. Any good marketing campaign should consider direct mailing to certain target groups. MSS Solutions can help you develop a mass mailing campaign that will ensure address delivery at the lowest postage rate for your mailing piece.

Logo and Stationary Design

MSS Solutions can develop a new look to your company by creating  a logo and incorporating it to your company image. Our graphic designer will work with you to get the essence of your business and interpret it on a logo that can be adopted in your stationary, promotional materials and website.

Printing Services

Small businesses often have to pay higher prices when printing because of small quantities. MSS Solutions has resources that can help you print your stationary and promotional material with top professional quality at a reasonable price. We work with printers that can accommodate jobs as little as a few dozens to thousands of units of printing materials at a reasonable price.

Advanced Marketing Services

MSS Solutions can help you define a marketing strategy for your company. With the use of advanced marketing tools, such as value curve, perceptual map and conjoint analysis, Mss Solutions can help you determine where your product or service stands, how are they perceived and what are key points to differentiate your company from the competition. We can help you use the Internet to leverage your company against the competition.

  • Value Curve: When a product is in it's mature stage and had-to-head competitions is forcing a company to increase features in their products while at the same time cut prices, it is necessary to find a way to build a competitive advantage. This competitive advantage can be achieved by creating a new market though combining the existing ones and looking at it from a different prospective. It is necessary to look across the conventional industry or even redefining the industry you are already in. It is important to look outside the box, and MSS Solutions can help you do just this! We can help you not to be constrained by the current infrastructure, assets or capabilities your business might have.

  • Perceptual Map: Mss Solutions can apply this tool to your company and give you an overview of where your product stands in comparison to the competition. If you product or service is highly competitive, you will need this analysis to determine where you stand in the competition and if there is room for creating a new market for your product. This map shows how similar products stand in relations to each other in the minds of the consumer. The closer you are to your competitor in the chart, the most similar you are, and the easiest it is to off-set that balance by changing one variable. Mss solutions can help you position your product in the "sweet spot" therefore making a big difference in how your product is perceived.

  • Conjoint Analysis: If your company is thinking about introducing a new product to the market this is the tool to use in order to optimize the chances for success of that new product. The fundamental idea behind conjoint analysis is that every product is a combination of attributes. Therefore, you can break down those attributes and weigh their importance in the consumer's preference. This way you can combine those preferences in bundles in order to optimize the value in the consumer's mind in accordance with what you can provide. Isn't that the success formula of Dell Computers?